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Building underpinning allows homeowners and businesses to increase their livable square footage at a reasonable expense. It can also address issues with foundation cracks, buckling, chronic leaks, degrading slabs, and mould-friendly conditions. With basement underpinning, not only can you repair existing problems, but you also have the chance to prevent future problems, replace outdated wiring and plumbing, and add feature-rich upgrades to enhance the quality of your home.

Basement lowering increases your market value while also giving you much-needed room to spread out. Whether you’re looking to gain more living space, fixing existing damage, trying to prevent future problems, or need a stronger foundation to add a second story, MAGCOR has you covered. Our unparalleled reputation for honesty and quality work has won our company numerous awards, and, more importantly, loyal customers who are happy to refer us to their friends and family.

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What is Basement Underpinning?

Basement underpinning, also called basement lowering, is a delicate process that involves securely shoring up your home while experienced and qualified underpinning contractors carefully remove the old foundation, excavate the dirt underneath, and engineer a replacement foundation. The end result is a more robust home with an increased resale value.

Lowering a basement gives you a more accessible storage area, increases the ceiling height, rectifies structural instability, and gives you more living space at a fraction of the cost of a traditional addition.

Our well-trained and experienced underpinning contractors handle the basement lowering process from the planning and permitting phase all the way to completion. You can expect our crew to:

  • Assess your site
  • Assist with design, planning, and permits
  • Securely support your home
  • Remove the dirt in your crawlspace or under your concrete slab
  • Pour new concrete footers
  • Add walls
  • Install a new floor

Foundation underpinning gives you a lot of benefits. You’ll be getting taller ceilings, fixing structural damage, and removing the environmental causes of any damage that may have occurred in the past. Higher ceilings mean your basement is more accessible and comfortable to spend time in. You may even choose to finish it as a rental for a secondary income stream or use it as a mother-in-law suite or game room. During the underpinning process, you can easily replace old, fire-prone wiring, reroute plumbing and drains, add sewer ejectors, and put in radiant floor heating. It’s the most budget-friendly way to increase your home’s liveable square footage.

Benefits of Basement Underpinning

Extra Living Space with Less Hassle Than Building Additions

The underpinning process is faster, easier, and less expensive than the addition process. You don’t have to put up a whole new structure, since you’re working within the confines of your existing support walls. It’s like starting an expansion project with a huge head start.

Increase Your Home’s Property Value

Make your home more attractive to potential home buyers and increase its value. Fixing foundation problems and converting a cramped, dark basement into a cozy living space can take your listing from the bottom of the deck to the top tier. Popular transformations for basement space include mother-in-law suites, a self-contained rental unit, game rooms, and workshops. If you’ve got ongoing water intrusion, mould, or structural deterioration, buyers will quickly move on, looking for a more suitable match. Updated electrical wiring, plumbing, radiant heat flooring, and sewer ejectors are also wins for buyers.

Reinforce Your Foundation

There are a lot of reasons you might need to reinforce your foundation. One of the most common is wanting to put a second story on your house, but your slab is too thin to support the weight. Foundations can also be damaged by the ongoing cycle of expansion and contraction that comes with the freeze and thaw of changing seasons. Standing water can be found under your foundation or held in poorly draining soil that surrounds the load-bearing walls of your basement. Water weakens concrete and allows moisture to pass through concrete block walls, creating hazardous mould conditions and damaging your valuables.

Protect Better with Modern Waterproofing

You have to manage water effectively if you want to maintain your home’s stability. You can get water intrusion from relatively common things such as burst pipes and plumbing leaks. It also finds its way in from the outside, coming in through windows, seeping through walls, and welling up through foundation cracks. Over time, long-standing water exposure compromises your home’s strength and reliability. Modern waterproofing methods protect your foundation and keep your basement dry.

Replace Obsolete Plumbing, Wiring, and Insulation

Basement lowering presents a cost-effective opportunity to update old plumbing and inadequate drain systems, replace dated wiring, and add capacity for new features and fixtures in your basement. This is the perfect chance to save money on your annual heating bill by beefing up your insulation and having your underpinning contractors install an in-floor radiant heating system. Making these changes now, while your basement is already laid bare, is efficient and lowers the overall cost involved with updating your whole house.

Get Higher Ceilings and Better Lighting

Underpinning the foundation drops the depth of your basement floors, giving your whole basement a more spacious, airy feel, similar to what you experience in the rest of your house. You might be surprised to find out that lowering a basement floor also helps open up that area to natural light. Underpinning companies can help you relocate poorly placed windows and install additional oversized ones that let in more light. You’ll also have plenty of space to add the overhead lighting of your choice and even ceiling fans. This makes living in your home a more pleasant experience, and should you decide to put your house on the market, these features are highly prized by potential buyers.

The Permit Process Is Less Expensive and Complicated Than Building an Addition

It’s simply easier and faster to get permits and approvals when you’re dealing with a basement lowering project rather than a run-of-the-mill addition to your house. Of course, price is always dependent on the size and complexity of your project, and our experts can help you find a solution that fits both your space and your budget. An average-sized house will likely run you somewhere in the neighbourhood of $2,500 for permits and approval. The same addition job would be closer to $4,000 and can go as high as $10,000.

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