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For more than a decade, our team at MAGCOR has been one of Burlington’s go-to demolition companies. Whether you’re looking for services on a residential, commercial, or even industrial site, our team of highly trained professionals can help. We have been working in and around Southern Ontario for years – with our experience and expertise, we are considered one of the top full-service demolition contractors in the region.

We believe that every demolition company must be safe and environmentally conscious, no matter the size or location of the task. We take extra precautions to ensure that our team, along with our job site, is safe.

As a three-time HomeStars award winner and a Top Choice Award Mark of Excellence winner, our team puts our customers first. We take the time to ensure that your project goes smoothly, and provide you with flexible service.

Whether you are looking for a straightforward demo or need extra services, such as area prep or junk removal, we do it all.

How MAGCOR Can Help with Your Next Demolition Service

With MAGCOR, you can enjoy a professional demolition service that is guaranteed to be fast, reliable, and within your budget. As a reputable company, all of our equipment and staff are fully insured while on site. We do not take any risks, and follow and exceed safety standards in the Province of Ontario.

We are proud of our work in and around Burlington. Our heavy-duty operators have the experience and expertise to handle practically any project that you have in mind.

Our team at MAGCOR can provide you and your project in Burlington with:

  • A highly trained team that specializes in industrial, commercial, and residential demolition with high-quality professional-grade equipment
  • Careful sectioning off of the demolition area for public and company safety
  • Guaranteed removal of all debris and material associated with the demolition service
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly disposal of dangerous material
  • The MAGCOR guarantees that any surrounding area, structures, or natural material will not be damaged during the demo.
  • Fast, reliable, and targeted demolition in Burlington to ensure you can get on to the next stage of your project quickly.

Whether it is a single room or an entire industrial complex, our team at MAGCOR is a local company you can trust. We have worked long and hard to establish our expertise, and we are proud to serve Burlington and the surrounding area.

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Burlington Demolition Services

Our residential demolition services promise you full OR partial residential demolition at your site in record time. At MAGCOR, we do not leave anything to chance and take all the precautions necessary to ensure your demo goes according to plan. We can complete full site analysis, obtain all the required permits, and complete the work in practically no time!
Whether you are looking for commercial or industrial demolition, our team at MAGCOR can help. We can ensure your building comes down safely and quickly, and also provide excavation, junk removal, and even prep work for other contractors to ensure that your project remains on time and budget.
Whether you’re dealing with mould, lead, or even asbestos, our team at MAGCOR has you covered. With our experienced team, we can successfully remove any materials without risking the rest of the project. Whether you discover something during construction, a reno, or a demo, let our team at MAGCOR take care of it and ensure your investment stays on track.
As true leaders in excavation, our team at MAGCOR is here for you. We have some of the best equipment in the industry and can trench, dig, or flatten any site. Our heavy-duty equipment operators have the experience and expertise to ensure your project goes smoothly.
For years, our team has been providing deconstruction services that deliver. With our services, we aim to salvage, repurpose, and reuse as much material as possible to keep our services green and limit the overall carbon footprint. Whether you are looking to deconstruct a building, shed, or home, call our experts at MAGCOR to get it done right.
If disaster strikes, the team at MAGCOR is here for you for all of your emergency demolition needs. Whether dealing with a flood, fire, storm, or anything else, our team can help: we offer emergency demolition services on a 24/7 basis, and can be on-site and start the clean-up process to get your life back on track in no time.

Why Choose MAGCOR Demolition?

  • Award-winning demolition services
  • Customer-first approach that works with you for residential, commercial, and industrial demolition
  • Highly skilled operators that have the experience and expertise to deliver a perfect demo
  • Professional demolition that is environmentally friendly
  • No need to hire a separate company to clean up; we take care of everything from knock-down to clearing debris

About Burlington

Along the southwestern shore of Lake Ontario, Burlington sits roughly midway between Niagara Falls and Toronto. As of 2021, Burlington had about 190,000 residents occupying approximately 75,000 private dwellings across 187 square kilometres of land.

The City Of Burlington issues building permits for demolition projects and other residential construction projects. As an applicant, you will need a Consolidated Pre-Building Permit, which is generally received after your Zoning Clearance Certificate is presented. This pre-construction permit ensures each of your projects will be zoned correctly, from residential to industrial and commercial.

Permit Technologists are also available at the Building and By-law Department of Burlington by contacting the department at 905-335-7731 for information, or making an appointment. The Permit Technologist will review your plans and provide you with guidance on how to capitulate with regulations and building codes.

If, for some reason, your Pre-Building Permit is not approved, some of your information may be missing or incorrect. Luckily, you can submit modifications for your project plan to the Committee of Adjustment for review. To have your updated project reviewed, submit an application to the Committee Of Adjustment.

You may also need to furnish your documentation regarding your demolition project, including information such as:

  • Project Cost
  • Location (street address and regional municipality)
  • Project Timetable
  • Project Drawings. These can be created by the homeowner, as long as they are clearly readable. You can also hire a structural engineer or architect to draft them.

Recent Demolition Projects in Burlington

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