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MAGCOR is one of the best demolition services in Southern Ontario, and we are proud to serve the great city of Hamilton. Whether you are looking for residential, commercial, or industrial demolition, our team of experts is here to support you.

We know how complicated renovations and new builds can be, and that is why we have streamlined our services to help you. Not only can we provide incredible demolition services, but our team can also provide clean-up and removal of any debris with ease. We also offer extra services and can do everything from site prep to excavator work, so you don’t have to wait for another service to complete the job.

With our excellent service standard as one of the most efficient demolition teams in the region, our demolition services will ensure your project can stay on schedule.

As a professional demolition company, our team at MAGCOR knows that safety is of the highest importance – that’s why we train our staff on safety procedures and ensure to do multiple checks and sections of the area before starting any service.

We are proud to employ some of the province’s best heavy-duty vehicle operators, along with the latest technology to ensure they have the tools to complete a demolition quickly and efficiently so that you can get to the next stage of your project with ease. We do not cut corners at MAGCOR, and our quick demos place high importance on safety and environmental concerns.

We have worked across Hamilton from Ancaster to Stoney Creek, and have provided our services everywhere, from new build sites that needed to clear older homes to industrial sites making room for a new warehouse, and even commercial sites that are looking to build from the ground up. Whatever the project, our highly skilled heavy equipment operators will complete the job on time and within budget.

If you are looking for demolition in Hamilton, contact our expert contractors at MAGCOR. From demolition services to valued extras, our team is here to ensure your demo is nothing but pain-free and budget-friendly. Call us today and experience the difference a quality demolition company can make on your next project.

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Professional Demolition Services in Hamilton

Whether you’re looking to demo a part of a house or the whole house, our team at MAGCOR is your go-to option for all things demolition in Hamilton. Our team will take care of all the permits, safety, and debris removal, including hazardous material. At the end of the service, you will be left with a perfectly cleared plot of land to build your dream home.
As one of the top demolition companies in Hamilton, one of our most popular services is our commercial and industrial demolition services. Before starting any project, we always provide our clients with a complete site analysis and make any local or provincial environmental regulations known: that way, on tear-down day, things are simple, and you get a perfectly prepped piece of land ready for the next stage of your project.
Whether dealing with mould, lead, or even asbestos, our team at MAGCOR is trained and able to handle any dangerous material. We have worked on hundreds of sites, and are fully licensed and insured to handle or remove any affected materials and allow your crew to get back to work in no time.
We are home to one of the best excavator services in Hamilton. Our operators can trench, dig, and flatten with reliability and ease. If you are looking for prep work or need some heavy equipment support on your project, contact us at MAGCOR and see how we can help.
As a green company, we take deconstruction seriously. We have always put the environment first, and always put in the effort to maximize the lowest-cost option in any demolition project. With our deconstruction services, we can salvage, repurpose, and reuse existing materials to minimize your project’s overall carbon footprint.
Whether you’re dealing with a natural disaster, such as a flood or storm damage, or fire damage, our team at MAGCOR can help. We are proud to offer Hamilton an emergency demolition service that can get you back on track in no time. Our 24/7 emergency services can be deployed at any time.

Why Choose MAGCOR Demolition?

  • MAGCOR is a professional demolition company proud to serve the entire Hamilton area.
  • MAGCOR has one of the best rosters of heavy equipment operators who can work on residential, commercial, or industrial properties, with environmental and local regulations always at the forefront of our operation.
  • MAGCOR’s operators can work in tight spaces, and make sure to leave your property without any damage.
  • Our team is fully insured and exceeds the provincially mandated safety standards for demolition and excavator work.
  • From our complete site analysis to our clean-up services, MAGCOR is a full-service demolition company that will leave you with a great stepping stone for the next phase of your project.

About Hamilton

Situated on the western shore of Lake Ontario southwest of Toronto, the city of Hamilton had about 570,000 residents as of 2021 living in approximately 220,000 private homes.

Hamilton is a port city, with relatively mild weather in comparison to other regions of Canada. Hamilton is divided by elevation changes, referred to as Upper Hamilton in higher elevations and Lower Hamilton in lower elevations. All of its beaches and ports lie in Lower Hamilton.

All demolition projects performed in Hamilton require a demolition permit from the City of Hamilton. Applicants should contact the Zoning By-Law Department first in order to determine the zoning status of their property before applying for permits.


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