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As one of the top demolition contractors in Mississauga, our team at MAGCOR has long been the best choice for all of your demolition needs. Whether you are looking to remove a building on a residential or commercial lot, our team of highly skilled experts is here to help.

For years, our team has served the Southern Ontario market, and we are proud to provide this much-needed service to the great people of Mississauga. As local experts, our team can support your project’s needs on residential, commercial, and even industrial property.

As a professional demolition company, we keep safety regulations at the forefront of any demolition project, and go above and beyond to ensure our demolition services are safe. As a fully insured company, we take every regulation seriously, and adhere to and exceed all provincial regulations when it comes to construction and demolition.

MAGCOR is one of the few demolition companies in Mississauga to work in harmony with environmentally and ecologically protected areas. We take green demolition seriously and ensure that our equipment leaves no trace, and that all harmful materials or fibres are removed from the environment without contaminating the site.

We offer a wide variety of extra services for your project, such as excavation, site prep, and even trenching. No matter if you are tearing down a part of a home or prepping a new build, our team at MAGCOR keeps your project on time and within budget.

Whether you have a complicated job in the middle of the city or need some help on a large project near the water, the team at MAGCOR is uniquely set up to help. We have some of the best heavy equipment operators in the city, and with our skills, your project will be done in a fraction of the time that you expect. We take care of all the permits, clean-up, and site prep, so you are left with a gorgeous property to build your home, office, or anything else you have planned.

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Mississauga Demolition Services

Whether you’re looking to demolish a part of or an entire home, our team at MAGCOR is here. With our demolition services, you will be able to take down specific buildings without worrying that other structures will be hit. Our expert operators ensure that your demolition will be quick and precise.
We work with you to develop a complete site analysis, clear any debris, and ensure that all environmental and provincial regulations are followed. We complete every job on time so you can get back to a perfect plot to start the next phase of your project.
As a professional demolition company, we are also well-versed in abatement services. Whether dealing with lead, mould, or even asbestos, our team of highly qualified experts will isolate and remove any material for ease. We take care to make sure that not even a single fibre is left behind. Our abatement services mean you can come back to a clean site ready for the next stage of your project.
If you are looking for excavation services, look no further than the experts at MAGCOR. Our roster of drivers can provide a host of excavator services to help. Whether trenching, digging, or flattening, our fleet of top-end excavators can complete any job quickly and with pinpoint accuracy.
Our deconstruction services look to reuse, recycle, and upcycle as much material as possible from your demolition in Mississauga. Green demolition is possible; it just takes a little more time and seasoned professionals, such as our team at MAGCOR. With our deconstruction services, you can shrink your carbon footprint and enjoy a service that puts the environment first.
Whether you are dealing with a natural disaster or a fire, our team at MAGCOR can help. We are one of the few 24/7 emergency demolition companies in the region, and can be dispatched day or night. With our services, you can be assured that your demolition will be quick, accurate, and set the next step of your project up with ease.

Why Choose MAGCOR Demolition?

  • MAGCOR is a professional, award-winning demolition company that has been working in and around the Mississauga area for years.
  • We can work on a variety of sites, including residential, commercial, and even industrial land.
  • Our roster of seasoned professionals are demolition experts, and some of the best heavy equipment operators in the city.
  • MAGCOR puts safety and the environment first with set project plans, and can even handle abatement services if needed.
  • MAGCOR is a full-service demolition company that takes care of everything from permits to material clean-up.

About Mississauga

Mississauga rests on the shores of Lake Ontario, bounded by Milton and Oakville to the southwest. In 2021, Mississauga had about 717,000 residents, maintaining its rank as the third most populous city in Ontario.

Mississauga encompasses 292 square kilometres of land, including 13 kilometres of Lake Ontario’s lakefront. Mississauga’s topology slopes from its highest point of 190 meters, dropping to about 110 meters above sea level. The ground freezes in Mississauga during winter, although not as deeply as in other regions of Ontario.

Mississauga slopes over about 15 kilometres, making most of its land buildable. The city experiences approximately six months of the year without snow, and demolition projects can be carried out in Mississauga throughout the year.

Demolition permits are provided in person through a visit to the Municipal Service Center, or by applying online through the ePlans website. It’s important to remember that digital copies of your application and paperwork are required, including:

  • The total cost to perform the work
  • The duration of the project
  • Project drawings and plans
  • Site or scale drawing to determine property setback requirements

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