Finding value in the right contractor

The value of spending your money on the right demolition contractor

As the age-old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” But, does this necessarily have to be true for the demolition industry? Like anything else, there is an objective argument that points to the answer being ‘yes,’ there is a value placed on premium service when it comes to choosing a quality demolition contractor.  

In this blog, there won’t be any mention of price. Not one single dollar amount or cent will be mentioned. Instead, we’ll explore the common-sense advantages and disadvantages of prioritizing your return on investment, what you get when you do invest in it properly, and how to go about maximizing your services.  Let’s break down a few scenarios. 

Why spending less on demolition can hurt you in the long run

Thinking about getting demolition service from a lower cost company? Perhaps you’re excited about finally being able to demolish that extra room in your home so you can make way for your vision. This would fall under the category of residential demolition, and if the company is offering a considerably cheaper rate to alter your home, this might be a red flag. 

First, let’s consider their experience. Do they have a portfolio of examples they can point to from past residential demolition endeavours? Dig deeper into the company’s experience to find out how long they’ve been around.   If it’s not too long, chances are they’re charging much less in order to gain that experience. In theory that’s fine, but as a customer you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to be the guiney-pig for a new demolition company to build its experience. 

If you have nothing to lose as far as the quality of your home aesthetic and saving costs is more worth it, then go for it. But if you’re like most people, you probably don’t want to entrust your home’s well-being to an inexperienced demolition company. 

Same can be said for commercial demolition. Are you willing to risk the execution of a massive commercial project on a company that hasn’t undertaken this of task for the money being saved in the short term? 

Credible demolition services 

Then comes the need for credibility when employing your demolition services. It only makes sense that if a company is inexperienced, then they don’t have a credible reputation to showcase its name. That’s not to say that a new company doesn’t deserve to build up its business, because of course they do! But we need to make sure they aren’t cutting corners when doing it. 

How can you tell? Well, investigating the company’s certification and training standards is the best and most recommended place to start. As a customer, it’s in your best interest to build a rapport with the demolition contractor you’re looking to employ. Look at their credentials for the job. 

Ask for credentials  

In Toronto for instance, you need a ‘Residential Demolition Permit’ for starters.1 What if the demolition has elements of customization in it where the property renovation needs to be expanded? Do they know what permits to get and do they know all the laws?  

Secondly, are their employees fully certified or trained? Do they have state-state-of-the-art modernized equipment for the job? Also, consider whether or not they’re following a sustainable construction standard with their business.  

These are all poignant and necessary things to consider. It might be uncomfortable at first, but it’s worth your time and you owe it to yourself to find out if your job will get done with standards. If the company is offering a lower price, then chances are they’re cutting corners in some, or all, of the above components. 

What could go wrong? 

Cutting corners could negatively impact the integrity of the project itself. For instance, according to Green Building Canada, companies undergoing demolition or excavation projects need to ensure that hazardous building materials and waste is being disposed of, properly and safely. 

Some companies cut their corners by hiring employees who might have certification and training, but very little hands-on experience. This can result in less than stellar execution of a job you need to be done right. 

Here’s a big one! Does the demolition contractor offer professional services like asbestos removal or mold removal? This is absolutely crucial for a home, commercial, or even industrial demolition project because this can harm the health of those around the site.  

Sometimes if it’s discovered afterward then the company might charge a boatload more money later and capitalize on a customer’s lack of due diligence originally.  

That’s why it’s crucial to work with a demolition contractors that offers well-rounded services right off the bat, without the sneaky, borderline scam artistry add-ons down the line. 

A CTV news piece investigated how to renovate a home without getting scammed and the most poignant piece of advice came from an experienced contractor. “A written estimate and contract makes the project clear to both the homeowner and the contractor.” 3 

Demolition is no different. Establish a level of trust and communication with your demolition company, ensure everything is legally documented and referenced and avoid any surprises down the line. Spending less money takes away the customer’s bulletproof vest. 

Why Magcor demolition services could be right for you 

Given what we’ve covered above, MAGCOR demolition offers a full site analysis as soon as the customer relationship is established. It’s built experience servicing the booming southern Ontario marketplace and established a reputation and portfolio of quality projects to back it all up. 

When establishing a relationship with MAGCOR, ask about its repertoire of manpower, training and certificates standards, and find out how it follows environmental regulations and insurance practices. 

Simply put, if we’re talking about bottom lines, it boils down to communication and value. Call or contact MAGCOR today for a free quote and see why their services could be right for you.  


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