Why demolition leads the way for a greener future

As modern technology advances and the world around us changes, so does the construction industry, or more specifically the demolition industry. One such change is in our environment. By now, most industries are undergoing a green revolution, or in laymen’s terms, a need to take into account the environment’s well-being through sustainable choices and decisions within the world of business, infrastructure and just about any human-centric operating systems.

This of course includes the world of demolition, where the industry’s specific material salvaging practices and overall craft is literally and directly interacting with the environment. No pressure! Without question, construction technology and regulations are sophisticated and ethical enough to meet these challenges head on. But perhaps surprisingly though, is that the demolition aspect of the industry makes a powerful case for leading the way through sustainable deconstruction.

In this blog, we’ll shed some light on demolition’s crucial role as a beacon for green construction and explore the reasons why choosing the right demolition company becomes even more important in our modern world.

What is Sustainable deconstruction?

So, what’s all the fuss about? The reality is that Canadians benefit greatly every day from effective construction standards. But what you need to really know is that Sustainable deconstruction is salvaging a properties material for the purpose of reusing it or recycling it. 

Why is this important? Because it helps preserve the planet and promotes the use of these highly reusable or recyclable materials on future job sites. 

The construction boom in the GTA is an undoubtable part of our global footprint, and according to a report by the World Bank, the volume of construction and demolition waste is expected to reach 2.2 billion tons. 1   That means there’s pressure than ever on the construction industry to make a shift, and so, standards have started to change for the better. It begins and ends with following sustainable deconstruction methods.

How demolition leads the way

Demolition leads the way because it’s the first step in the renovation process and the “green initiative” starts with demolition. If no green materials are used in the construction process, at least a competent demolition service ensures a minimal amount of debris ends up in a landfill. 

Demolition lays the foundation for everything that follows in the building project’s lifecycle. For new buildings, the act of excavation, or “removing earth from the ground”3 goes hand in hand with demolition services. 

Must haves when working with a demolition company 

There are a few things to watch out when picking a competent and state-of-the-art demolition company that follows sustainable construction protocol. First, we’ll start by stating the obvious…paperwork! 

That’s right, always make sure your demolition company carries the right permits for the project or site it’s working on. Secondly, make sure they are fully insured. It’s the nitty gritty legal stuff but it goes a long way towards establishing that credibility and trust. 

Next, ask for the company’s training credentials. Don’t be afraid to ask management for training certificates or evidence of employee standards as far as modern training goes- especially when it comes to environmental regulations. 

Especially when it comes to sustainable deconstruction, a credible demolition company should have engineers, architects and professionals who are actually trained in the deconstruction process

Lastly, make sure your demolition company offers a full site analysis before any job begins. This gives them a chance to show off their expertise by basically giving you a preview of what the job requirement are. Not to mention, it gives you a feel for their credentials as a whole and establishes a rapport for the type of working relationship that’s about to be established.   Do your homework on the technical aspects of the site analysis, but also, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. This will give you a feel for the company even more and definitely follow up on the environmental standards questions. 

Why MAGCOR could be right for you

MAGCOR strives to do all of the above. Being a full-service demolition company servicing southern Ontario, it’s no stranger to an exponentially booming market and the demands that come with it. In particular, the need to uphold and champion sustainable construction in Canada. It’s a responsibility and duty that the company practices with pride every day.  

Get a quote and see if working with MAGCOR could be right for you . 


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